Design Brand
afterain design studio / 天晴設計
Afterain Design Studio was established by Yi Wei Shen and Lee Wei Lang in 2008. There are 4 designer-brands under Afterain, they are Yi Wei Shen , Lee Wei Lang , Chiu Ken Kie and Lin Ting Chien. Four of them are rich experienced in design field, they use their design to communicate with consumers, and to advance Taiwan design living.
cuckoolife / 咕榖生活
CUCKOO presents to the public with Taiwanese goods in a local, fashionable, and story approach. And keep up "light design" concept to live with local culture. Therefore, CUCKOO develops a series of CUCKOO natural, and utilize the theme of "little trip, light study, light design, slow culture", to bring unforgettable memory, leading people to enjoy good life.
Koan+ / 宇寬
Koan+ is a muti-design company included architecture, interior, and product design. At first, Koan+ doesen't have product design brand. Because of "designers project exhibition" in 2009 summer, they started to be involved in a new field: product design! Koan+ design concepts are based on Asian origin culture and nature element. Though the product, you might find more Buddhism peace in your mind.
CiCHi / 喜器
"CiCHi Life" was found in 2009 by Taiwan design group "Afterain Design". The brand philosophy presents Eastern culture in modern design language, and mixes tradition with contemporary age perfectly. "CiCHi" Life wants to make people feeling more elegant, more humorous, or unique taste in a vogue living.The products are not only beautiful externally; they also bring you good luck and happiness.
Yeduo / 葉朵
YEDUO means literally "leaf and flower" in Chinese. Leaf represents life should be observing and Flower symbolizes happiness of living experiences. Each of their products is not only made for practical use, but also created humorous and interesting lives.Each of our design is not only made for practical use. Designer hopes to make everybody to feel and enjoy the life freely.
Pocket Market / 口袋市場
Pocket Market was established in 2012 by Chen Lu-Wei. He thinks that people should have more interactions. How could he accomplish this concept? Combining our daily belongings with creative design concepts is what he believes that everyone could have more joy and fun.
CLARECHEN is a designer brand which is established in 2009 and specializing in baby and lifestyle products. Clare came up with her first product idea in 2007- a baby measuring crib fitted sheet which is inspired by her 1st nephew. Creating more convenient and joyful experience is what she wishes to bring to everyone.
WE+ was established in 2011 by Chia Wei and Lu Wei.The inspiration of the name for WE+ is from designers' names – "WEI". They hope they can cooperate perfectly under the faith of "WE". Besides, they are keeping find the best solution to communicate with their customers. Furthermore, "+" means they can figure out whatever conditions well through combining different specialists.
Say it do it
Afterain Design Studio was established by Yi Wei Shen and Lee Wei Lang in 2008. There are 4 designer-brand under Afterain, they are Yi Wei Shen , Lee Wei Lang , Chiu Ken Kie and Liu Chen Hsu. Four of them are rich experienced in design field, they use their design to communicate with consumers, and to advance Taiwan design living.
Designer Brand
KEV / 周 育潤Yu-Jui Chou
Yu-Jui Chou graduated in 2002 from Cranbrook Academy of Art (USA). After 6 years as senior designer at Philips Design, he started his own studio. His works vary from electronics to furniture. He collaborates often with IT industry and craft artisans, and specializes in finding intelligent solutions for the design. KEV is his product design brand founded in 2010, a new page of Chou's design career.
JACKYWU DESIGN / 吳 東治Wu Tung-chih
Jacky Wu Design is established by Wu Tung Chih. He thinks that as a designer should bring more consideration for users, production and environment while designing. Jacky likes to observe the inconvenience that happens in our daily life and then combine design to produce functional and esthetic products. Therefore, bringing surprising and convenience to people has become the spirit of Jacky Wu Design.
Chenhsu / 劉 晨旭
With the increasing wideness and depth of design, design gradually transforms into a way of thinking or an attitude towards life; sometimes even training. Liu Chen Hsu said, fortunately, he can be a designer to observe things and to experience life with different perspectives. Though the product designed by Chenhsu, you can feel the easy, light and cute elements in life.
Lee Weilang / 李 尉郎
People know the writer from words, so if you try to understand a designer, you should through product. Lee Wei Lang hopes to make life more fun through design, to enjoy every single day in curiosity. From Tofu cup, each product condenses some parts of his life and thinking. If you make all his works together, you will see the truth Lee Wei Lang.
Yiweishen / 易 瑋勝
As being a product designer, Yi-Weishen tries to keep track the emotion by the creation of products. Without impressive appearance, the product still resonates with its emotion, stories, and humor. All of which inspire our passion. Alan tried not to follow trend blindly, and keep the products live as long as it can be.
Chiu Kenkie / 邱 建基
Do not like to descript "DESIGN" by using the long text. A design doesn't need explanation but the "RESULT" it presents. Kenkie Chiu thinks designers should be able to use the life and emotional experiences of their past to revive in their works and follow the logic, which allows the users to be associated with the designers.
Lin Dean / 林 定芊
Some people will ask "what is the graphic design? What does the graphic design do on the product design?" After working on both graphic design and product design, I found that they both try to make things more beautiful, make the concept more logical, and make the design more interesting. Past experiences can be my future ideas.


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